Bethany Rae on steps in Rome, Italy

My life has been a series of adventures through which God has purified and strengthened my faith. As a young adult, I began writing songs for my sisters and me to sing in church. My songs reflect the lessons God is teaching me, they are my prayers and worship to God. (Fun fact: The first “real” song I ever wrote, “To Be With You,” will be the 2nd single released from the Cut Me Loose album. Stay tuned for details!)

Although music was a big part of my life, my career path was scientific research and education. After years of training, I started my dream job working as an Assistant Professor. Talk about an adventure, during my first year it was my job to move a large laboratory course online due to Covid-19! During this time, God made it clear that He intended the songs He gives me to glorify Him by sharing them with others. So, Worship Through Song was born! My first album, Captivated, was produced during this period of intense trials.

About a year ago, God made it clear that it was time for another adventure: walking away from my dream job and into the unknown of whatever He had next. This is the inspiration of the Cut Me Loose album. The theme is letting go of all created things so that God can Be My All.

As always, my prayer is that in each song you will hear God’s voice calling your heart to worship Him.

A few years ago, during the period of personal trial I mentioned, a family member made me a lamp with a personal translation of Habakkuk 3:19 on it. The lamp was to serve as a constant reminder of the light every believer has access to. The full quote is as follows:

“I will walk in personal bravery, not stand still in terror. I will progress in my responsibilities through troubles and suffering. Through the strength of the Lord God, the Chief Musician; my stringed instruments will be heard.”

Habakkuk 3:19

Today, this word from God stands as the motto for my Worship through Song ministry.

All credit goes to The Chief Musician!

Bethany Rae, Lamp with motto, Habakkuk 3:19

Yes…that is the Plumb bob sitting there.