Great News! We are back In Studio!

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Announcing my next single, “Castles In The Sand,” scheduled for release on May 5th, 2023. Subscribe to my YouTube channel now to see future previews.

Here is my latest single released Jan 6th, 2023 and its Official Music Video. When we released this video, which is a combination “Official Music Video” and “Lyric Video,” I asked for listener feedback. Thank you all for the positive and supportive comments. God is truly the Chief Musician! Along with those comments came disappointment that there were not more performance clips included in the video. Thank you for that as well. Acting on your feedback, we revised the video. I hope you will watch it through again and be blessed!

Released Nov 4th, 2022, this is the first release from my second album, Cut Me Loose, due out in 2023.

When you finish the “Be My All” video, be sure to check out (& subscribe to) the rest of my YouTube channel for more on where I & this ministry came from & where we are going!

I recently received a text from someone I barely know, but with whom I was able to share a conversation about God… and then a copy of the Captivated album. His text explains the purpose of Worship Through Song as well as I ever could.

“Bethany Rae – I just wanted to thank you…”
“Tight Instruments, Unique Vocal, Excellent Production… but more to the point – it has been a frequent devotional time of Worship. The lyrics are easy prayers of thanks and credit to my Savior and God. Thank you for sharing it with me.”


Exclusive “Behind the Song” Content!


Plumb Line


Leaving The Old Life Behind

Great News!

To be able to get the price to you as low as possible, we are making the CD available directly from our publisher, Improve Life Publishing. My singles are also available for purchase individually. Just click the “Get it Now” button and scroll down to the “Digital Content” section.

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People are adding my Worship Through Song music to their Spotify Playlists. If you add my music to your Playlist, drop me a note and link on Facebook. Likewise, if you add songs to a YouTube or other types of Playlists, let me know.

Through the strength of the Lord God, the Chief Musician; my music will be Heard.

Habakkuk 3:19