Baby Bethany Rae, Guam

Step 1:

Join the Military, get assigned to the Naval Base on the Island of Guam… bring your wife… have a baby Bethany Rae!

Young Bethany Rae in Thailand

Step 2:

Become a Missionary taking your family to Thailand and send her to boarding school there.

Hmm… Maybe this is where “the Hat” began?

Bethany Rae rides an elephant

Step 3:

Get her an elephant!

Bethany Rae plays the violin

Step 4:

Encourage her musical interest.

Bethany Rae in Vietnam with a monkey

Step 5:

When she wants to send herself to Vietnam for her senior trip… Say Yes.

And… Get her a monkey!

Bethany Rae with black lab puppy, Echo

or a Puppy!

Bethany Rae sees a Tigers game with here Grandpa

Step 6:

Take her to a baseball game.

Bethany Rae at MSU football game

…or Better Yet

A Football Game!

Bethany Rae on the annual orchard run

Step 7:

Take her Apple Picking…

Bethany Rae enjoys a caramel apple

Or… Maybe Not!

Bethany Rae and her Siamese cat Emmer

Step 8:

Get her a cat!

Bethany Rae dressed as a pirate

Step 9:

Discourage pillaging and love of money.

Bethany Rae in morning Bible study

Step 10:

Well Ok… Every Step… Encourage Bible Study!

Ok, now she’s ready… but, is the world?

Well, that was great fun but, like all followers of Christ, we are not grown or built, We Are Forged. Whether on the island of Guam, the streets of L.A., or a palace in Europe, we are all born into a world that would see us destroyed. Life in this world has brought me many adversaries, but thankfully One True ADVOCATE. Because of His faithful presence, every fire the world around me brings, He uses to forge a stronger and sharper follower ready to face the next fire, until the day when my Worship through Song will be at the base of His throne.

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