Music & Lyric Videos


The fifth single from the Cut Me Loose album, released on March 11, 2024. “Ebenezer” means “Stone of Help.” (For more on that, watch the Inspiration video, Part 1.) The Lyric Video depicts the cross as the current representation of our One true Ebenezer – Jesus Christ.

I Would Be Quiet

The fourth single from the Cut Me Loose album, released on September 11, 2023. The Lyric Video was filmed at the end of the Stiles’ dock on Lake Independence one beautiful August morning. There is no better place than the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to “Be Quiet.” Thank you to the Stiles family for allowing us to use their cabin and dock.

Castles In The Sand

The third single from the Cut Me Loose album, released on May 5, 2023 along with the Lyric Video so listeners can enjoy singing along. Please do!

To Be With You

Released on January 6, 2023, this is the second single from the Cut Me Loose album. The original Music/Lyric video was released for fan feedback on January 8. Based on the feedback we received, the video was edited and re-released on February 10. Thanks to the fans who contributed, as we have used this feedback to adjust our approach to creating new music videos from that point forward.

Be My All

This song, released on November 22, 2022, was the first single released from the Cut Me Loose album. The Music Video, posted on November 23, 2022, was our very first attempt at making music videos. It includes footage taken from our live Restoring Hope event at The Red Mill Pavilion in Portland, MI.


This song was the third single released from the Captivated album. It was originally released for Easter on April 2, 2021 because its message reflects the true meaning of Easter. We released the Music/Lyric Video on Easter of 2023 for the same reason. Footage for this video was also filmed in Portland, MI, both at the Red Mill Pavilion and the Railroad bridge on the Portland Riverwalk.

Leaving The Old Life Behind

Released on March 4, 2021, this is the second single from the Captivated album. One of the top fan favorites, this song is closing in on 10,000 streams on Spotify. (Hint: If you are a fan who listens on Spotify, help us break 10,000 streams!!!)

You Alone

Not released as a single, “You Alone” is the 8th song on the Captivated album. The video was filmed at our Thanks & Worship event at the Community Baptist Church in Hastings, Michigan in November of 2021. After listening to my album, the pastor politely insisted this song be included in the Thanksgiving service he had invited me to lead.